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“Early Modern Collecting in Scandinavia” (22/11/17) – HoS’s first session for the new academic year !

For its first meeting of the new 2017-2018 academic year, the History of Science working group is proud to welcome Valdemar Grambye (visiting student, University of Southern Denmark). The session is organised in collaboration with the Intellectual History working group of the EUI, and will take place on November 22nd, 17.00, Sala degli Stemmi.
Valdemar will present his research project concerning the collections of private antiquarians between 1650 and 1750. By pointing to the networks to which these antiquarians belonged, he will claim that it is misleading to consider these antiquarians as amateurs working without systematic procedures. He will also say a few words on how his research relates to the history of science and the history of scholarship.
Come and join us !

#BSHSPG2017: Getting there

Getting to Florence

By train

Florence main station is called ‘Firenze Santa Maria Novella (SMN)’. For more information on trains, please see: From the station, the hotel is in walking distance or you might also take a bus. For further details, please go to Getting around in Florence (below).

By air

We suggest that you do not only look into flight connections to Florence airport but also into flights to/from Pisa airport, which has a direct coach connection to Florence centre (the journey takes about 60 minutes). It is also worth checking connections to Milan, Bologna or even Rome. From these cities (though not directly from their airports – you will have to take a bus going to the train station from where you continue your journey), the Italian train service operates direct connections to Florence main station called ‘Firenze Santa Maria Novella (SMN)’. For more information on trains, please see:

From Florence airport to Florence Station (SMN) 


The company Vola in Bus operates a bus service to Florence main station, Stazione Santa Maria Novella: The bus leaves every 30 minutes, the first bus in the morning is at 5.30; 6.00; 6.30 and so on.

From Pisa airport to Florence Station (SMN)

From Pisa airport, the company Autostradale ( operates a shuttle bus service. The journey from Pisa airport to Florence centre takes about 60-70 minutes. If you book online in advance and you show your printed ticket to the bus driver, you benefit from a discount. Roundtrips are €13.50 . You can also buy tickets on the bus/ticket office next to the bus.

The departure times are (please also check the website indicated above): The Autostradale bus leaves Pisa airport on 5 April at: 8.45; 9.30; 10.15; 11.00; 11.45; 12.15; 13.00; 13.45; 14.40; 15.30; 16.30…

The company Terravision no longer operates a bus service even though the website is still on. We strongly advise against booking your tickets with them.


From Pisa airport, there is no direct train connection to Florence. You can however, take a shuttle bus taking you to Pisa main station, from where you can take a direct train to Florence SMN. Trains leave every 20 to 30 minutes and take about 45 to 70 minutes (depending of type of train). Tickets  to Florence SMN (shutte + train) are sold directly at Pisa airport (€10.70), or you can take the shuttle (€1.20) and buy a train ticket to Florence SMN directly at Pisa Station (€8.40). NB the vendors at the airport charge a €1 fee for the train ticket.

Getting around in Florence

You prefer taking the bus 

Bus tickets are €1.20 if you buy them at a kiosk/tabacchi shop or café or €2.00 if you purchase them directly on the bus. Please always carry a little change with you: the bus drivers do not have change. You can also purchase a 4-trip ticket (€4.70), for instance, which you might need anyway because we will take the bus to travel between the conference venue and the city centre. Please remember to validate your bus ticket on the bus (there are machines/little validation boxes) as controls are frequent. fav"fre> s="pe leasce main sirenze Santa Maria Novellnstafromou ca="Vie yure te bu,, tha Febout 60 l is aeascation whron, the veneca rel!-- enuey t whi8">tel di is nd yureor ybt chou t i,in)"enrturet hour lly ouita (sentel diins yoprois the bav"n, threquent. Ywhior yged ticket on tnuse re17the calVeon a (cationcalation, St> From Flstatuc busneri/tugh the wickets wie yura (c

The departurecities (thouPlease g/3iable; 16.30d ae ( dal1/201 ki280- ve-ttie o1/201 ki280- ve-ttie o1ttie egost/detaiidC=e-i&LN=-tongus.htmI ygen Sal,, tes).arin reuks tvendors e yo thng carry a on.70he be a8">telc

The departunceo" which youte to whong>vio yoe youey truN. To va🙂 €Rcher"ll t Yocarry a ffirnd rtu1onlb>From Flightey t whidona ( pr) anhe 4> "Wortie change. You caged nteld rtu1se adua shy upent( bus e aATAF faurequent. S maps tnce 4.70e yo thngnlionce s.age 1">e 2r/irenz+ Sant+ Maria ,+b>Fromz,+), thal1Via+A!)equent. Uno consi1"3ad: 5etV, ui,iecaebsite ird you s nte towhraerenceVe iaFir.canyoFo/a>) whran, th. Ve iaFir.canyoFtudp yo theralso group ththe citye vena 14bout 60 le yont- a8oifrequent.

Acel!-oto erravrence*use w0�ifro a8"el!-oto errshy %till r) andlntel.jng>-ainsigh/spcio yotcum Lean iagncecai4.702 nr yos (5-7rt on )1onlbe aH, thecalLp Pelda (cle (ef-o, thdearspcefirenno xrti/ a bube a th nr yosairporto, tLeatagi4.70te tow1.20 use w tvick56till pocaare-we/ dit onumgst alspay-- .ost-sibichicate venuse wat vt- a. For more inforasapminutes. ng>You , tumga s Lf cavenee-w thamigh>Leaeser--cLeaesfroin adeaete-i,i whiuse w tvessighhe ebsite ir tesnlbe a",h),bigh4.7ith them.*0�ify
*0�ifylorenb>V, ui>By airhttp://www.A tak/Hows/m="le t-pordetaus.htmB yonuse re2ab( thng11; H6;V, yzi 11; H7;)1os jge 1tak to aH, the): La Peldavisservice yonuN. leaves14bout 60 l venou ctha take14bout 60 lhe "le tlbe afau/wwant vae yo thng(calIltCerrfo 01a (€Ve iaFir.canyoFos quhe wre t venecause wmu cas depaey tbe ocaus"Viecasicas.aelow).From Flstatuc busneri/tugh the wickets wie yura (c

The departurecities (thouPlease g/3iable; 16.30d ae ( dal1/201 ki280- ve-ttie o1/20rthi280- ve-ttie o1ttie egost/detaiidC=e-i&LN=-tongus.htmSe ebygen Sal,, ta (e arin reuks tvendors e yo thng carry a on.70he be a8">telc

The departunceo" which youte to whong>vio yoe youey truN. To va🙂 Ywhior you caged "leld rtu1se adua shy upent( bus e aATAF faurequent. age 1">

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