‘Viviani, Galileo, Ghiberti: the manuscript traces of Florentine science’

This year again, the History of Science Working Group is happy to invite you to ‘Science in Florence’ visits, which encourage the exploration of Florence’ very own institutions of the history of science.

The first visit will take us to the Manuscript Department of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze: ‘Viviani, Galileo, Ghiberti: the manuscript traces of Florentine science’ on Friday, 11 March, 10 am.

Meeting point: front door of the BNCF, Piazza dei Cavalleggeri, 1 – 50122 Firenze, at 9:55am.

Everyone is welcome, but  places are limited. Please register with Simon Dumas Primbault: simon.dumas@eui.eu

BYOC with Historians

The History of Science Working Group is very pleased to invite you to a new
BYOC* with Historians
Prof. Pietro Corsi (University of Oxford)
Thursday, 21 January at 9:00am
in Sala Mansarda, Villa Schifanoia

Prof. Corsi will give a general lecture on Darwin, opening on a discussion of the place of Darwin in what is referred to as darwinism, and whether the latter can be considered a scientific revolution. 
The discussion will also approach the broader themes of leading figures and underdogs of the History of Science, revolution and continuity, science and religion.
A selection of suggested readings are attached to this message.
All are welcome !
* Bring Your Own Coffee

05/10/2015 — Introductory meeting

The History of Science Working Group is pleased to announce its


Introductory Meeting 

to the New Academic Year

 Monday, 5 October 2015, 14:00-15:00, sala Triaria, Villa Schifanoia, EUI


Agenda :

* General presentation and discussion of the group’s objectives and activities

* Introduction to our new blog

* Provisional calendar of activities

Everybody is welcome to attend !


For further information please refer to seminars and events


Conference in honour of Roger Chartier | The Author’s Hand and the Printer’s Mind

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 21.52.24

Chartier_posterOn September 17-18, the EUI will host the conference The Author’s Hand and the Printer’s Mind: Towards a Connected History of Textual Practices (Teatro, Badia Fiesolana, 9h-18h), organized by the Chair of the History of Science at the Department of History and Civilization, Professor Stéphane Van Damme. In honor of the leading cultural and book historian Roger Chartier, professor at the Collège de France, the conference emerges from, and takes the name of, his most recent publication, The Author’s Hand and the Printer’s Mind (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2014). It will bring together book, literary, and art historians, as well as historians of science and knowledge in an exploration of the materiality of texts in the early modern period.

Part of the conference will be live-tweeted under hashtag #EUIChartier

See conference programme below:FINALProgrammeChartierSept2015

EUI | History of Science

The History of Science working group is a non-official, student-led group aimed at bringing together PhD researchers with similar interests in History of Science. Thus, the group’s members engage with a wide coverage of topics ranging from natural history over imperial science to amateur inventions, from seventeenth-century France to Interwar Russia. In our blog, we wish to bring forward the diversity of research in History of Science, to seek for a broader understanding of history of science and review available instruments, which includes reading of classics but also examining recent methodological approaches. As a student-led project, we wish to maintain a wide scope of the published material, with a nevertheless strong emphasis on the rich and necessary links with other historical fields, and with history in general.