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The History of Science working group is a non-official, student-led group aimed at bringing together PhD researchers with similar interests in History of Science. Thus, the group’s members engage with a wide coverage of topics ranging from natural history over imperial science to amateur inventions, from seventeenth-century France to Interwar Russia. In our blog, we wish to bring forward the diversity of research in History of Science, to seek for a broader understanding of history of science and review available instruments, which includes reading of classics but also examining recent methodological approaches. As a student-led project, we wish to maintain a wide scope of the published material, with a nevertheless strong emphasis on the rich and necessary links with other historical fields, and with history in general.

About Déborah Dubald

Doctorante en Histoire Moderne au Département d'Histoire et Civilisation de l'Institut Universitaire Européen à Florence depuis septembre 2014. Mon travail de recherche, dirigé par Stéphane Van Damme, porte sur la création des musées provinciaux d'histoire naturelle dans la première moitié du XIXe siècle

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