BYOC with Historians

The History of Science Working Group is very pleased to invite you to a new
BYOC* with Historians
Prof. Pietro Corsi (University of Oxford)
Thursday, 21 January at 9:00am
in Sala Mansarda, Villa Schifanoia

Prof. Corsi will give a general lecture on Darwin, opening on a discussion of the place of Darwin in what is referred to as darwinism, and whether the latter can be considered a scientific revolution. 
The discussion will also approach the broader themes of leading figures and underdogs of the History of Science, revolution and continuity, science and religion.
A selection of suggested readings are attached to this message.
All are welcome !
* Bring Your Own Coffee

About Déborah Dubald

Docteure du Département d'Histoire et Civilisation de l'Institut Universitaire Européen à Florence (2019). Spécialiste des savoirs sur la nature et l'environnement au XIXe siècle, de l'histoire des collections et des musées naturalistes. Je m'intéresse particulièrement à l'échelle urbaine et/ou locale. Doctor of History and Civilisation of the European University Institute. I am interested in the history of natural and environmental knowledge and in the nineteenth century, in naturalist museums and collections, in knowledge and science practices, usually at the scale of the urban or the local.

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