EUI History of Science: Spring/Summer Calendar

Thinking Sciences at large: Towards a Connected History of Sciences

Convenor: Stéphane Van Damme

In collaboration with the Working Group in History of Science

– 6 February: Dagmar Schäfer (Max Planck Institute, Berlin): ‘Ming China disintegrated. The chances and pitfalls of the global view’

-9 February: Antonella Romano (EHESS, Paris): ‘Putting the globe in print: a 16th century European perspective, its processes, actors and challenges’

-14-15 February: Bruno Latour (SciencesPo, Paris), ‘Political organization in the New Climatic Regime’.

– 16 February: Workshop with Bruno Latour (SciencesPo, Paris), 11h-13h, Sala di Levieri, Villa Salviati

– 22 February: Seeing and Describing the Earth: Geographical Knowledge in Context. Workshop organised by the History of Science Working Group

– 23 February: Paolo Galuzzi (Director of the Museo Galileo)

-13 March: Bert de Munck (University of Antwerp): ‘Useful knowledge and the urban imaginary: a contested history’

– Last week of March, date tbc.: Aina Palarea Marimon (EUI, HEC 1) ‘Transmission of the Technical Knowledge in the Late Middle Ages’

-30 May: Hélène Miallet (York University, Canada): ‘The thinking person disease: Rethinking the subject in the digital age’

-22 June: Jessica Riskin (Stanford University): ‘Restless Clock’

-26 June: Forum on Hans Sloane with James Delbourgo (Rutgers University) and Simon Schaffer (Cambridge University)

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