Mikkel Munthe Jensen | Researcher

Mikkel Munthe Jensen is a third year Danish doctoral student at the European University Institute, working in the field of History of Science, Social and Cultural History and University History. Currently, he is writing his dissertation under the title “Nordic Academia and Academic Culture in Transformation – Between Patriotism and  Res Publica Litteraria in the Eighteenth Century” and is supervised by Professor in History of Science Stéphane van Damme and Professor in Intellectual History Ann Thomson.

Since May 2016, Mikkel Munthe Jensen has been a Management Committee Member (Denmark) in the COST Action project “Reassembling the Republic of Letters“, directed by Oxford Professor Howard Hotson.

Moreover, Mikkel Munthe Jensen has held guest lectures at Tübingen University, Germany, taught at University of Florence and is presently also working as research assistant and tutor in digital humanities (prosopographies, mapping and visualizations) at the European University Institute.

Mikkel Munthe Jensen hold degrees from Copenhagen University (Candidatus Magisterii, MAand (Bachelor of Arts).

Find out about Mikkel Munthe Jensen on his EUI personal page.

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