Who we are

The History of Science working group is a student-led group aimed at bringing together PhD researchers with similar interests in History of Science. Given our very different disciplinary, methodological and cultural backgrounds, our respective projects covers a very wide range of research interests.
The group is also supported by Post-Doctoral Researchers and Professors who get involved in our activities on a regular basis.

EUI Researchers

Déborah Dubald | Researcher

Simon Dumas Primbault | Researcher

Catherine Gibson | Researcher

Annelie Grosse | Researcher

Louis Le Douarin | Researcher

Mikkel Munthe Jensen | Researcher

Ekaterina Rybkyna | Researcher

Camille Sallé | Researcher

Bohdan Shumylovych | Researcher

Mikko Toivanen | Researcher

Martin Vailly | Researcher

Post-doctoral researchers



Stéphane Van Damme | Professor


Jose Beltran | Researcher 2012-2016

Dorit Brixius | Researcher 2013-2017

William Carruthers | Max Weber Fellow 2014-2015

Lavinia Maddaluno | Visiting PhD Student, Cambridge

Katalin Stráner | Max Weber Fellow 2016-2017


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