Lavinia Maddaluno | PhD Student, Cambridge

I am a PhD student at the History Faculty, Cambridge (UK). I obtained my
Bachelor and Master in Philosophy from the University of Pisa, and hold
an M Phil in History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge

I have been an intern at the Galileo Museum (Florence) and at the
National Maritime Museum (London). I also work as book review assistant
editor for the academic journal Nuncius. From October to December 2016,
I will be visiting student at the EUI, in the Department of History and

The main aim of my dissertation is to explore and critically think about
political economy in the Enlightenment by looking at how practices
related to agriculture were elaborated and enacted (with less, or more,
success, depending on the cases) by different types of social actors
(finance ministers and intellectuals, natural philosophers and
technicians, landowners and farmers) in late eighteenth-century Habsburg

I have participated with papers at many international conferences, among
which the HSS (History of Science Society), the SIS (Scientific
instruments society), the ASMI (Association for the study of modern
Italy), as well as in workshops as invited speaker at Villa i Tatti
(Florence), University of Southern California (LA) and Brock University

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