Dorit Brixius | Researcher

Coordinator of EUIHoS for 2014-2015

PhD research: Botany and Isle de France in the Eighteenth Century

Bio: I am a PhD Candidate at the EUI. I hold a double Bachelor’s degree in Anglo-American studies and European history, which I completed at the University of Potsdam and Westminster University London. For my MA, I continued at the University of Potsdam from which I graduated in early modern cultural history. Though I have not been trained as a historian of science as such, my interest has shifted to the socio-cultural history of French colonial botany.

Before joining the EUI in September 2013, I was a short-time fellow at the GHI Paris (May-July 2013).

Currently, I am also a pre-doctoral fellow at the MPIWG Berlin (Department II, September 2015), a visiting student at the University of Cambridge (HPS, October-December 2015) and the EHESS Paris (April-June 2016).

My recent conference and seminar papers include ‘French Colonial Botany on the Mascarene Islands (c1740-1789)’ (Aix-en-Provence, June 2014), ‘Über Macht, Märchen und Muskatnüsse: Mauritius zwischen Geopolitik, Botanik und Utopiegedanken im 18. Jahrhundert’ (Vienna, April 2015), ‘Spicing up Mauritius’ Gardens: Encounters and Networks of French Botanists in the East Indies, 1740s to 1770s’ (Chicago, November 2015) and ‘Informal Empire and the Hybridity of Knowledge and Plant Exchange in the East Indies, 1740s to 1770s’ (Cambridge, November 2015).

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