The blog has several purposes. Primarily, it aims at providing a common tool and at bringing together the members of the EUI History of Science Working Group whose doctoral works have very diverse objects of study. Another important goal is to offer visibility to historians of science of the EUI. Our objective is to show the range of topics, events and activities in History of Science in our institution: one interesting feature of our group is the wide range of topics and approaches, also conditionned by the fact that EUI researchers originate from a variety of disciplinary, methodological and cultural backgrounds, which also characterises the EUI research community in general.

The History of Science working group’s activities range from discussing our own papers and offering methodological support and peer criticism, to sharing information about relevant events or organising visits of History of Science institutions in Florence (Museo Galileo, La Specola etc.). The blog should be a continuation of our activities by extending its diffusion to the wider public of historians and history enthusiasts. Finally, by providing an acknowledged space for online publication, we aim at extending communication opportunities for junior researchers and senior scholars, at encouraging early contributions and writing skills development.

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